Sprout is a concept that helps home gardeners, repurpose empty milk jugs as watering cans.  It takes advantage of what you already have in a milk jug, which is a handle, a gallon’s worth of water capacity and with the addition of “Sprout”, you will have an evenly spaced flow of water.  Concept by Evan Gant of Altitude.

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65 thoughts on “Sprout

  1. How and when can I get one?

  2. Sell them at Target! I’d buy a few!

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  4. I just saw this on Design Sponge. I can’t wait to buy a few.
    Brillant idea!

  5. I want a Sprout top….where can I get one?

  6. LOVE this idea!!! And easily stored for winter without taking up room! Great concept, great reuse, and I want one or three…. Target would be the perfect place to sell, because they’re into good design! (naturally…)

  7. josephine on said:

    yes, i would like to by one as well!!!

  8. Beverly C on said:

    I absolutely love this design. I will purchase several as soon as they are available.

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  10. I would also love one. Will you be selling them anywhere soon?

  11. This is a brilliant idea and I’m sure it will be picked up quickly. I look forward to being able to get my hands on one so I can tell my readers all about it! Come to think of it, I have a few empty jugs just dying to be watering cans…

    Michael Nolan

  12. Are these available to purchase anywhere yet? Would be a great gift!

  13. get it out there for next spring. I would be willing to pay $10.00.

  14. My gardener husband would love this! Are they available somewhere???

  15. Wow! Love to buy some !!! This is a greate design work! Thanx for creating simple buitifull stuff the make the world a greener place!

  16. Are these available for purchase anywhere? Online? I would buy several today – help?

  17. Fantastic! I’d totally buy one or three as gifts 🙂 Btw, if this is a concept item, I’d enter it in apartment therapy’s design showcase.

  18. love love love this…i want one…a few!

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  20. Laura Fitzgerald on said:

    Someone should put sprout on kickstarter now… I’d back it.

  21. i need some, too

  22. What a tease….I want one!

  23. As seen on TV is the next venue to sell on. If you have questions I have contacts as I also have an a seen on TV product. DM me and we can arrange a contact or discuss any concerns you may have.

  24. Todd Benson on said:

    Show and Sell – but where?

  25. Barbara Halbig on said:

    Where are they available????

  26. I like, but what country are they going to be manufactured in???

  27. I would definitely buy this. And recommend it to all my friends too.

  28. Where can we get some of these??

  29. brian woowar on said:

    eeefing amazin idea

  30. Deborah in Atlanta on said:

    I’m like many of the commenters above – where/when can I buy one? I know of at least 6 people that would be thrilled to receive one from me. Where? When?

  31. smallkathrynthryn on said:

    Me too! Why not get the ball rolling on Kickstarter? 🙂

  32. Maureen Elliott on said:

    I’d love to have one of these.. when will they be available??

  33. This is so beautiful and would be perfect for my water-saving household! I keep a gallon jug just like this in my shower to catch water as it warms up which I then use in my garden.

  34. Sign me up for one too

  35. Pammy5895 on said:

    I want one!!! (or many, really) Where can I get them???????

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  37. Seriously…..I really want one of these…or two or three….please! How can we get them?

  38. Great product! I’d love to know as soon as these are available and hopefully wholesale. Would love to try one out and do a product review.

  39. Even better if it could be made from a recycled milk jug!

  40. Cameron on said:

    Hurry up and make these please!!

  41. C Prigge on said:

    I want one! One for me and gifts for everyone on Mother’s Day.

  42. Are these available any where, yet?

  43. peculiarpurls on said:

    I have been using an old jug to water my plants with for a while now and I’d love to have one of these!

  44. Trina L Enoch on said:

    Where can I get this sprout?

  45. Amanda on said:

    It’s growing season boys! Bust out a mold and get these babies going!

  46. Marie on said:

    Such a great idea. If it becomes available I’d love to know where.

  47. Carrie on said:

    I want some! The spouts of every watering can I have ever bought have broken off before the season was over. This is a great solution!

  48. Dottie on said:

    Please keep us posted on when this will be available!!!

  49. Sue V on said:

    Please let me know when they will be available and where

  50. Perfect Kickstarter project!

  51. Carol L. Johnson on said:

    This is a brilliant idea. I want some….soon. Perfect way to recycle and enjoy the beauty of water pouring from a milk jug.

  52. Have you considered getting this going through kickstarter? looks like a single mold that has great utility and a re-use factor since it gives something to do with milk jugs besides recycle — awesome idea

  53. Cindy Courter on said:

    This is amazing, would also like to know when it is available and where.

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  55. Pam Wardell on said:

    Where can you get the “Sprout”

  56. Is there some kind of email list that can be set up to get notified of this product’s release?

  57. Aliscantia on said:

    Is this available yet?

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