By Michael Young for Tittot

Via dailytonic.com

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2 thoughts on “By Michael Young for Tittot

  1. Hello, I am trying to get some information about a Tittot pieceI have. I can find no contact email of Tittot that actually works. If you have an email address for Tittot, please email me and let me know. Bellow is the email I wish to send to them.

    Hello, I have one of your beautiful items.”Satisfaction” 2004 517/899 blue crystal vase shape. Can you please tell me something about it. I have the Certificate of Authenticity. If I need to insure it, please tell me the value. Is it meant as an ornament only, or does it have another use? Please reply in English as I can not read Chinese. Thank you for your time. All the best and much luck. Regards Susi susithomas1@yahoo.com.au

  2. this is a fail this is not about the dust bowl which this blog a fail…

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