Green Berry Tea By Nathalia Ponomareva

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9 thoughts on “Green Berry Tea By Nathalia Ponomareva

  1. The origami bird floating in the tea cup is simply adorable.
    And the baeutiful packaging, light in colours, with a bit of architectural look… All in all amazing.

  2. where can i buy it?

  3. pupuyan on said:

    so cute! where can i but it?

  4. I also want to buy this. (a lot of them!)
    Do you know where can I buy it?

  5. Vicente Arce Uribe on said:

    Can you tell me where can i but it¡¡¡¡
    i am from chili and i will like to
    be able to get any kind of information
    about the origami bird floating or another
    kind of tea bags disigns.


  6. Hi, This is so cute!! where can I buy it? thanks Andrea

  7. hi! this is cute! where can I buy it?

  8. 强人

  9. Kitman yu on said:

    I love it soooo much,can I buy it in the Internet as I am from HK,many thanks!!!

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