Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard

Not for everyone but i can imagine it will have its uses.  Posting from gizmodo.com


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5 thoughts on “Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard

  1. I would buy this, 🙂

    • Dixie on said:

      i wish it would become the ‘norm’. would this have the navigation that would replace the mouse as well..will definitely get rid of RSI’s.

  2. brenno on said:

    One of these with palm rests, slanted or wave-styled keys for anti-RSI, tactile feedback (eg: see nokia touchscreen phones) and this would be a VERY awesome idea. Win.
    Until then, my regular keyboard is all i ever need in the forseeable future.

  3. alisa on said:

    THis is soo SICK!

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